January 2023, Estonia

Enerhack Camp for girls

Free energy camp for girls aged 7-18 in Tallinn
University of Technology (Estonia).
Topics: thermal energy, electrical energy, renewable energy sources
Participants: 315 girls
2 - 7 January 2023
Thermal energy
Renewable Energy Sources
Electrical energy
Guest lecturers
  • Kadri Simson
    European Commission, Energy Commissioner
  • Piret Hartman
    Minister of Culture of the Republic of Estonia
  • Andreea Bela
    Van Oord, Project engineer for offshore wind parks (Netherlands)
  • Liisa Mällo
    Utilitas Wind, Offshore wind parks development manager
  • Maarja Tobreluts
    Eesti Energia, Head of the energy trade support services department
  • Tiina Õunmaa  
    Mapri Ehitus, Head of the HVAC department
  • Terje Luure
    Alexela, Environmental manager
  • Terje Talv
    Estonian Wind Energy Association, CEO
  • Hannamary Seli
    Ministry of Economy and Communications, Head of environmentally sustainable construction department
  • Irina Starõh
    Adven Eesti, Heat network engineer
  • Janely Rohumägi
    Termopilt, District heating engineer-project manager
  • Katre Keridan
    District heating and gas supply engineer-project manager
  • Mari-Ly Klaats
    Auve Tech, Member of the board
  • Cathy-Liis Põlluveer
    Filter, Energy solutions team leader
  • Nataliia Rosenberg
    Adven Eesti, Control center engineer
  • Jana Budkovskaja
    Prototron, CEO
Feedback from the parents of the kids
  • A very nice and developing camp. My daughter really, really liked it and her emotions were high!
    Mother of Teele
  • Liisa really liked the camp. He praised the organisers of the camp, all the activities (he especially liked the experiments). The only minus was that shift lasted just two days :)
    Mother of Liisa
  • Daughter really liked the camp, a lot of interesting, informative, discussed with my daughter scientific topics that she had never touched before. Thank you!
    Mother of Anna
  • Thank you very much for this opportunity. The child really liked it! In the evening, she enthusiastically talked about everything that was done in the camp.
    Mother of Mirea
  • Very satisfied, very grateful that young kids had such an opportunity. There were energy topics that are discussed a lot in the society, but nobody really knows them. The child came home with various knowledge about electricity and hydrogen cars, interesting quizzes; chess is now a daily routine at our home. The most exciting thing was running through the university campus and doing orientation. Daughter expressed his wish and asked if it would be possible to participate again. The child mentioned that he had never had such a good lunch at his school than here at the TalTech library cafe. Super approach; we were a little late in the morning and the team immediately called to see if we were coming. It was especially awesome that pictures of the day's events were distributed to the parents during the day. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thanks to the team and good luck in the further activities!
    Mother of Mirtel
  • The child was just delighted. The whole evening after the camp she talked about diodes, capacitors, batteries. Many thanks for the organisation! Everything was amazing! The main goal, I think, has been achieved - my daughter realised that technical sciences are interesting and exciting. My daughter started watching a cycle of scientific programs at home. I, in turn, explained that mathematics is also interesting and very necessary subject; now it will be much more interesting for my daughter to study it. Thanks to everyone who participated and organised the camp!
    Such camps will allow children to understand more about various professions, make the right choice and achieve success in an area of interest to them.
    Father of Eva
Enerhack Camp is a regular project which main target is to encourage kids with energy and engineering topics. Next Enerhack Camp will be held in Tallinn, Estonia during summer 2023

Contact: Igor Krupenski (Enerhack CEO), igor@enerhack.ee
This project is carried out in cooperation with British Council in Estonia as part of the People to People Cultural Engagement Programme. Find more info about British Council’s work in Estonia at www.britishcouncil.ee